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You can work with an attorney who honestly cares about your case. Let us give you excellent legal representation for family law, including divorce, retirement, child custody and support, parental rights, and more.


We also offer excellent juvenile law representation for a wide range of issues, including assaults and drug possession.


You and your family can work with a caring, dedicated attorney, so call now to schedule your $50 consultation.

If you are involved in a criminal case, let us help with our wide range of experience, including representation for theft, burglary, arson, contempt of court, possession of a marijuana and other controlled substances, engaging in criminal activity, driving while intoxicated, and other criminal charges.


We can help you with thorough estate planning, so call now and find out how we can help you leave your legacy the way you want. You'll work with an experienced attorney who will fight for you from start to finish, so call now to schedule a $50 consultation.

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